Kimberly Gonzales, owner of Evergreen Eco Clean
Kimberly Gonzales and husband, owners of Evergreen Eco Clean

Kimberly Gonzales - Owner

Kimberly Gonzales is the owner and operator of Evergreen Eco Clean (formerlyColorado Mile High Cleaning).  Kimberly was born and  raised in Arizona.  It was there in Arizona, that Kimberly met her husband Mark.  Incredibly, they met when they were 5 years old and grew up as friends  Mark and Kimberly even were sweethearts in high school!  After high school, they parted ways, but later in life, they reconnected and fell in love all over again.  It was then that they got married.

In 2014, Kimberly and Mark moved from Arizona to Colorado for Mark's job.  They have made their home in Loveland with their 3 kids.  The whole family loves the beautiful surroundings of Northern Colorado.

One thing about Colorado that really appealed to Kimberly, is how very environmentally aware the people from the area are in almost every area of their lives.  One area that Kimberly noticed that the area was lacking a valuable service was a chemically-free cleaning service.   As a mother of three, Kimberly knows how important it is to have a safe, healthy home that is free of harmful chemicals.  This is when she came up with Evergreen Eco Clean.  All of Kimberly's clients realize the importance of living in a home that is safe for their family and pets.

Evergreen Eco Clean uses green products that are safe for your pets
Evergreen Eco Clean uses products that are safe for your family
Evergreen Eco Clean will make your home sparkle
Evergreen Eco Clean takes care of all of your cleaning needs

What Makes Us Better?


Evergreen Eco Clean aims to be much more than just another eco-friendly cleaning service in Northern Colorado.  It is our belief that the environment has a dramatic impact on the mental, physical, and spiritual health of all who inhabit it.  Our methods are designed to maximize clean, improve indoor air quality, protect the health and safety of our clients as well as their family and pets, our green cleaning professionals, and the general public.  We clean in a sustainable manner that minimizes its overall environmental impact.  We consider ourselves to be architects, charged with the task of constructing a healthy, relaxing, and truly green, serene atmosphere.  This core principle is what drives us to provide a pinnacle level of service to our clients.

We all desire to have living quarters that are free from clutter and debris.  However, many of us seldom have the time, patience, or capability to keep them spotless.  Many of our clients have grown to rely on our meticulous and perfectionist green cleaning professionals to give them the luxuries that typically are enjoyed by the tidiest of people.  Walking into an environment that has been thoroughly green, cleaned chemical-free, can have the most therapeutic effect on someone which is especially beneficial when living in Colorado.

Green cleaning is more than just using products that are better for the environment.  Our goals is to remain on the cutting edge of our industry's technology and methods to ensure that we are providing the highest level of expertise under any circumstance.  Evergreen Eco Clean demonstrates this pledge through our training, our very competent and experienced staff, and the overall manner in which we conduct business.